Spoken Chinese


Spoken Chinese


Speaking is one of the most important parts of studying any foreign language. Being able to speak Chinese properly is an extremely important part of mastering the language.

This practical one-to-one spoken Chinese course is for people who want to improve their level of Chinese speaking, or intend to learn how to speak in Chinese only. The course will not cover studying Chinese characters, but through ‘pinyin’, a roman-letter based system that China now uses to mark the pronunciation of Chinese characters, to learn how to speak Chinese. The live conversations will cover a wide range of practical topics to help people learning speaking and communication freely and effectively in Chinese in their daily lives.

Depending on the needs and levels of individual students, we use different books and learning materials to deliver the course. Apart from our own teaching materials, we incorporate appropriate textbooks and reference books for the best results.

For those who have the basic understanding of Chinese language, and simply want to power and polish their spoken Chinese through practice, we will incorporate the book Basic Spoken Chinese Practice Essentials: An Introduction to Speaking and Listening for Beginners, Volume 1 written by Cornelius C. Kubler and Yang Wang, to facilitate learning with substitution exercises, transformation & response exercises, role play exercises, listening comprehension exercises, dictation exercises, and translation exercises.

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You can also browse the resources to learn Chinese Pinyin, 100 most common Chinese characters with 40 common phrases in flash, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese idioms and proverbs, and Chinese culture as well as some introductory videos. Or, you can download 2500 Chinese characters flash, and learn at ease with revolutionary Synchro-Multisensory Chinese Learning Software through interactive Chinese movies, with active participation in watching, listening, speaking, reading, and even writing simultaneously.