Appreciation of The Art of Chinese Calligraphy


Although Chinese calligraphy uses Chinese words as its vehicle of expression, one does not have to know Chinese to appreciate its beauty, because the essence of the calligraphy is an abstract art, just as viewing a Western abstract painting. Chinese calligraphy is an art form in its own right which distinguishes itself from other cultural arts because it emphasises motion and is charged with dynamic life. Master calligraphers spend their lives honing their talents and paint huge characters or poems on scrolls. The picture below showing a young Chinese calligraphy prodigyYe Genyou simultaneously handling 5 paint brushes in parallel, two in each hand and one in the mouth, to write five independent characters.

Chinese calligraphy


A selection of 50 Chinese calligraphy slides with Pinyin and English annotation.



For self-directed learning, you can learn Chinese Pinyin, 100 most common Chinese characters with 40 common phrases in flash. Or, you can download 2500 Chinese characters flash, and learn at ease through 10 interactive Chinese movies, with active participation in watching, listening, speaking, reading, and even writing simultaneously.