With China’s ever increasing importance in the new world order there’s no better time to start learning Mandarin. In addition, Learning Mandarin Chinese is fun and very rewarding! Unlike English and other non-tonal languages, the brain research discovered that the brain processes the tones of the Mandarin Chinese in the right hemisphere of the brain, before the left side of the brain processes the semantics of the information. Therefore, learning Mandarin Chinese also enhances brain functions.

For those individuals wishing to learn Chinese as the second language in a flexible schedule we provide high quality one-to-one private tuitions with native Chinese teachers from mainland China. The primary objective of our one-to-one private Chinese courses is to improve your Chinese linguistic skills with our unique Listening-based Multisensory Synchro Learning Approach (L-MSL)we developed specifically for second language learning. It emphases the listening-based synchronisation of listening, speaking, reading and writing practice with repetition, and aims to apply a bi-hemisphere learning approach through language sense to incorporate the subconscious acquisition with conscious learning. A revolutionary Synchro-Multisensory Learning Software make it possible for learning Chinese through interactive Chinese movies, with active participation in watching, listening, speaking, reading, and even writing simultaneously.

A tailored programme and a course format based on your specific need, strength and weakness will be discussed prior to your study to ensure that you achieve your objectives efficiently as well as get the best Chinese learning experience possible.

One-to-One Courses


We offer the following one-to-one private training lessons at a competitive rate. Depending on the needs and levels of individual students, we use different books and learning materials to deliver the course for the best results.

Spoken Chinese                                                                                                   

Mandarin Chinese                                                                                                 

Business Chinese                                                                                                 

Chinese for Children                                                                                             

Chinese Character Writing                                                                                        

HSK Test Preparation


A flexible schedule, 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday, 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.


A location of your choice in London.


For self-directed learning, you can browse the resources to learn Chinese Pinyin, 100 most common Chinese characters with 40 common phrases in flash, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese idioms and proverbs, and Chinese culture as well as find recommended Chinese study books and some introductory videos. You can also download 2500 Chinese characters in flash HERE.