Multisensory Learning


Listening-based Multisensory Synchro Learning Approach (L-MSL) 


The Multisensory Synchro-Learning Approach is a natural way of learning a foreign language, it stresses the language is first listened and spoken, and then it is read and written. In Multisensory Synchro-Learning Approach, listening, speaking, reading and writing practice are synchronized and interacted, that is to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing simultaneously.

Brain-imaging studies have revealed that apart from Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area, two “epicentres” for language processing, there is a third region of the brain, the inferior parietal lobule, connected by large bundles of nerve fibres to both Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area, which is also indispensable for language. This third region lies at the junction of the auditory, visual, and somatosensory cortexes, it is one of the convergence zones for language learning, where information obtained through various sensory modalities can be combined with groups of interconnected neurons whose synapses strengthened by their simultaneous firing. In addition, the neurons in this lobule have the particularity of being multimodal, which means that they can process different kinds of stimuli (auditory, visual, sensorimotor etc) simultaneously. This combination of traits of apprehending the multiple properties of spoken and written words: their sound (listening and speaking), their appearance (reading and writing), their functions (comprehension) etc, confirms that our inherent brain functions for language acquisition can process multivariable information coming in on parallel tracks, which enables synchronous learning with integrated listening, speaking, reading and writing practices for maximum results.

The essence of Multisensory Synchro Learning Approach is Listening-based Repetition – Imitation – Comprehension – Dictation (L-RICD), by which the students can fast, easily and effectively master a second language.

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