Hourly Rate

(One-to-One Lessons London Area Only)

All lessons are priced in hourly rate £25.00/hr. However, based on your time availability, you can choose to go for 1 hour per lesson for £25.00, 1.5 hours per lesson for £30.00, or 2 hours per lesson for £40.00. The minimum number of hours you can study is 1 hour. You can also choose to book for 10-Hour Block Package for £180 (£18.00/hour), which can be taken flexibly at any time with any length of sessions.


LessonsTuition FeeHourly RateOnline Booking
1 hour / lesson£25.00£25.00/hourBook Now
1.5 hours / lesson£30.00£20.00/hourBook Now
2 hours / lesson£40.00£20.00/hourBook Now 
10 hours block booking£180.00£18.00/hourBook Now


Payment Methods

We offer a flexible payment solution. You can pay your tuition fees by cash, cheque, bank transfer or through online Paypal and credit card payment, whatever is convenient to you.


Refund Policy

You can ask for a refund before a course starts. You will get full refund for lessons you have booked in advance, or you can transfer the payment to the next available lessons. For the 10-Hour block booking, we will deduct the costs of the lessons you have taken based on the pay as you go hourly rate, which is £25.00/hour, and refund the difference.