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Recommended Books for HSK Test Prepsaration 


One Hour Per Day to a Powerful HSK Vocabulary: v. 1
by Liu Dongqing (Paperback) from £14.95  

One Hour Per Day to a Powerful HSK Vocabulary v. 1This series of textbooks contain the core vocabulary of HSK for foreign students to study and apply in their daily activities,and to prepare for the HSK test. Through the use of these textbooks, students are able to master 3000 words within one year. These textbooks contain both classical examples and many exercises, which will improve students’ Chinese, and their ability to complete the HSK successfully. The books have following features: 1)Systematic learning program – The one-year study plan consists of three textbooks, with each book containing four months worth of study. Each week is composed of five days of studying 12 words a day, with added “weekly practice” sessions. The schedule will help students master the 3000 words within one year, and will also allow them to fulfill the requirements for the intermediate level of HSK and above. 2)Methodical arrangement of content – The words to be studied daily range from the simple to the complex, and become more difficult as study progresses. Different levels of HSK words (level A, B, C, D) are included in the study. The books also add classifications and exercised for measure words, conjunctions and suffixes. 3)Diversity of study material – Each daily study plan includes words and expressions, pronunciation, word definitions, synonyms and antonyms, commonly used collocations, examples of usage, as well as exercises. Students can easily complete a whole day’s content within one hour, due to the ingenious arrangement of the diverse study material. 4)Typical language materials -It details the key or difficult points of the HSK test. Detailed English annotations, to ensure the students to understand the concise and correct meanings and usages. [easyazon-link asin=”7802005949″ locale=”uk”]
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Simulated Tests of the New HSK Level 1 (CD Included)
by Wang Jiang (Paperback) from £11.95

Simulated Tests of the New HSK In order to help the test takers get familiar with the mode and questions of the new HSK test, understand its contents and focuses, as well as master the test taking strategies, we have complied this series of text guides based on the opinions of relevant experts and our sufficient study on the sample tests. There are 6 books in this series, corresponding to the six levels of the new HSK. Each book includes 10 written tests. Before the simulated tests is the introduction to the test of the level and directions for answering the questions of the new mode. The script of the listening section and answers can be found after the tests. An MP3 disc of the recording of the listening section is attached to the book. All the authors and editors of this series are Chinese teachers with rich teaching experience, as well as researchers of international Chinese proficiency testing. Before publication, all of the simulated tests had been taken by examinees who have taken the new HSK. The test materials at all levels ensure a full coverage of the vocabulary and language points required by the outline of new HSK. The language materials have been carefully controlled, and the amount of the questions as well as the time to answer the questions have been arranged reasonably. We have done our best to make the simulated tests of this series more like the real new HSK tests. [easyazon-link asin=”7561928149″ locale=”uk”]
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