Learning a foreign language is to use the language. Being able to speak is the primary reason for our learning, and any improvement in spoken language will help with the other language learning skills.

Speaking is second important element in language learning, serving as ice-breaker, the vital force in the whole language learning process. There are five principles in speaking practice, which are:

1) Centered on practical sentences and paragraphs;
2) Speak as loudly and fast as possible;
3) Pronounce as clearly and accurately as possible;
4) Repeat as many times as possible until you can articulate;
5) Tongue training with fast repeated speaking  

Speaking in multisensory synchro learning approach requires students to practice using the right words in the right order with the correct pronunciation to help develop the ability to produce grammatically correct and logically connected sentences. In this way, the speaking practice enables students to grasp the pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and subsequently improve their overall reading, writing and listening comprehension.

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