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Learn Chinese through movies 


Learn Mandarin Chinese through interactive films

This is a revolutionary Synchro-Multisensory Chinese Learning software, which make it possible for learning Mandarin Chinese via interactive Chinese movies. It gives the participants full control over synchronised multisensory learning with PinYin/English/Chinese subtitles, and enables participants to watch 10 great movies with active participation in listening, speaking, reading, and even writing simultaneously. CLICK HERE for details.

Apple Chinese Online Mandarin Chinese Learning eBooks 

Apple Chinese Online Mandarin Chinese Learning eBooks (view mobile)

Applechineseonline is a professional Chinese learning website. It provides high quality sound embedded color text ebooks and free audio programs for self-study learners of all levels. ebooks include pinyin, grammar, dialogues, characters, proverbs, etc. CLICK HERE for details.

Rocket Chinese

Rocket Chinese! Brand New Product

Learning Chinese is a great way to enhance your life, and it’s never too late to learn. Whether you are traveling to a Mandarin-speaking country, have Chinese-speaking family, friends and colleagues, enjoy learning something new, or you’re keen to refresh your memory of this beautiful language, then Rocket Chinese Premium is for you. Now You Can Learn Mandarin Chinese Online with Rocket Chinese, An Amazing Interactive Course that is Dynamic, Comprehensive, and Proven to Work! CLICK HERE for details.

eBusiness Chinese

Learn Easy & Practical Business Chinese (view mobile)

This product is a complete practical business Chinese system for businessmen who have no time. It is short, practical business Chinese dialogues for beginners, including ebook, audio & flashcards. Quickly learn what you need on a plane, riding a cab or while waiting for a meeting. Practice with real day to day situations using your iPhone, iPad, Android, smart phone, PC and Mp3 player. CLICK HERE for details.

Chinese for smart kids: Chinese For Kids 

Chinese for smart kids : Chinese For Kids | Mandarin For Kids

Teaching Children Chinese has never been this easy. Now kids can learn to read and Learn Chinese Online using a dazzling new range of lessons supplemented with fun, exciting and enjoyable animations. Our Mandarin Chinese Lessons for Kids are presented in a lucid easy format which kids of all ages will find appealing. CLICK HERE for details.

Kids Learn Mandarin - Game Based Learning Package For 2-6yr Olds

Kids Learn Mandarin – Game Based Learning Package For 2-6yr Olds

13 fun digital animated games designed specifically to teach toddlers & preschoolers their first 100 words in Chinese. The digital gamed-based learning package includes interactive games with lively animation accompanied by single word vocabulary pronounced clearly & accurately to encourage your child to think & speak in Mandarin. Translation in English, Pinyin & simplified Chinese characters are shown on a digital flashcard on every game page to help children familiarise themselves with their picture form & assist parents or teachers in transcribing the sounds. CLICK HERE for details.