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Mnemosyne Tutorial



The following 12 videos created by withinjapandotcom explaining how to download, install and use Mnemosyne flashcard program step by step. 


Part 1 of 12: Introduction



Part 2 of 12: Download And Install On A USB Drive




Part 3 of 12: Force UI To English



Part 4 of 12: Introduction To The UI



Part 5 of 12: Dowload The Zip File



Part 6 of 12: Download 7zip And Extract Content



Part 7 of 12: Importing Lists



Part 8 of 12: Using Mnemosyne



Part 9 of 12: Creating And Importing Content




Part 10 of 12: Adding Images



Part 11 of 12: Exporting



Part 12 of 12: Conclusion, Help And Contributing