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 Revolutionary Software for  Synchro-Multisensory Chinese Learning

Learning Mandarin Chinese through interactive movies

Movies are one of the best sources for second language learning. However, people will not learn much from simply watching movies without a learning purpose. Watching movies is a passive process most of the time, but learning a second language through movies is an active participation with watching, listening, speaking, reading, and even writing simultaneously.

Movies without subtitles are not of much use for learning the language being spoken in the movies. Subtitles show you what words are being spoken, and help you to comprehend those spoken words with the aid of translation. This software gives you the full control over synchronised multisensory learning with PinYin/English/Chinese subtitles. However, worth to emphasize that studying subtitles is not the goal. The ultimate goal of acquiring a second language is that you would be able to speak the language and understand what is being spoken to you.

This software is designed to help you acquire a second language (Mandarin Chinese in this case) with many great functions built in.

The software is a media player (watching, listening and reading), a sound recorder (speaking), a text editor (reading and writing) and a resource manager (content controller). This software makes it possible to learn Mandarin Chinese with our Listening-based Multisensory Synchro-learning Approach through 10 great Chinese films.

  – Key functions –

Easy subtitles control

You can display the following subtitles,Chinese/English/PinYin and any combination of the subtitles. Point your mouse cursor to the subtitle and roll the mouse wheel, you will instantly enlarge or reduce the font size of subtitles displayed.

Repeat sentences

Navigate straight to sentences and repeat, omitting the non-conversational scenes. No need to fast forward or backward.

Edit subtitles/new words/key sentence

Display/hide window of sentence properties. Under Sentence Properties, you can assign roles to sentences. You can also mark as key sentences, edit original text, translation, notes and add/edit/edit new words.

Cycle playing with high efficiency

You could set to play certain sentences for certain times. For example, you could set to play sentences with new words for 4 times, key sentences 2 times. You could also set interval before next playing.


You can imitate the voice of a specific role and have your voice recorded automatically. You would enjoy the role play and compare your pronunciation with original speakers.

Dictation with ease

You can dictate the entire script. A full list with sentence numbers will be produced. Click to play each sentence and write down what has been played.

Script Learning

The software enables you to study the entire scripts while playing media. You can read the subtitle, add new words, mark key sentences and make some notes. More importantly, you can enjoy the video while studying the subtitles. Words and sentences are connected to visual scenes in the media.

Self test

The software will produce test questions within a second by using new words and key sentences you have marked. Fill in the missing new words and key sentences.

Efficient Second Language Acquisition

The key for Second Language Acquisition is to listen first then speak. This software enables you to go through a small section of sentences in 7 steps each time with listening, watching, speaking and writing built in the process.

Download the Trial Version

For: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

The trial version has the full functions except that it will only play media to the half length.

Download the Quick Start Guide

Download the Video Sample

How to use

Download and unzip the software. Install the software following the instruction in the Quick Start Guide. Download and unzip the video sample. Make sure the titles for video sample and subtitle are the same and in the same folder.

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– For reinstallation of the software on a different computer, please contact us. Make sure you save your user files generated by the software.

Free Life-time updates

Full Software User Manual

Subtitles for 10 popular Chinese films (.rdf): Chinese, English and PinYin.

*Download links to 10 movies

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[*Disclaimer: these movies are not hosted at our website. They are available on the internet for sharing. This website is by no means selling those 10 movies. They are listed simply for your convenience, especially for those who find it difficult to purchase those movies.]

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